American Wilderness Experience, Ontario Mills, CA

Design By McBride Co. The attraction depicts main areas of California nature: The Ocean, the Desert, High Sierra, Red trees and Sequoia. Shapiro’s Art Studio got a commission to paint 20 huge murals and dioramas for the project. Anatoliy Shapiro with assistance of four more artists: Alex Tkachenko, Igor Petrov ( Moscow) Felix Braslavsky and Nadya Matveeva complete the job in seven month.


The entry area designed as a Red Tree Forest. 24×60 ft transparent painting of the Red trees and a special lighting made a theatrical effect of the real nature.

These two pictures was taken in the studio during the work.


The 17×56 ft. Diorama of the High Sierra.


The Ocean view for the aquarium exhibit. 12×65 ft Mural.


The Monterey Bay. 12x 40 ft mural for the “Dry aquarium” area.


The Yosemity Valley. 14x 60 mural for “the birds” exhibit.


The Yosemity Valley 9×25 ft. And 9x 22 murals


The Joshua Trees. The desert. 12×24 ft.